What teas go best with milk?

Cup of tea with milk being poured in

If you’re looking for a delicious, creamy cup of tea, adding milk can be a great way to take your tea to the next level! Here are a few teas that pair especially well with milk:

Chai Tea: Chai tea is a classic blend of spices, like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves, and it adds a sweet warming flavor to your cup of tea. Adding milk to Chai tea creates a creamy, luxurious blend that you will want to sip all day.

English Breakfast Tea: English Breakfast tea is a robust blend of black teas, and it is full of flavor. Adding milk to English Breakfast tea makes it more mellow and creamy, but still quite rich.

Earl Grey Tea: Earl Grey tea is a classic, fragrant blend of black tea and bergamot, and adding milk to this tea creates a wonderful balance between the tea's natural sweetness and the bergamot's citrus notes.

Assam Tea: Assam tea is a malty, full-bodied black tea that comes from India, and adding milk to this tea creates a smooth, creamy flavor that is perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up.

These are all fantastic suggestions for general types of teas that pair well with milk. If you're looking for more specific suggestions from our collection we'd love to suggest our favorites that are as good or better with milk!

Chocolate Caramel Black Tea

Chocolate Earl Grey Black Tea

English Breakfast Black Tea

Irish Breakfast Black Tea

Lavender Earl Grey Black Tea

Maple Cream Black Tea

Peach Apricot Black Tea

Spiced Apple Chai Black Tea

Vanilla Rose Black Tea

Valentine's Day Black Tea

Vanilla Earl Grey Black Tea

Vanilla Coconut Black Tea

Remember...never add milk to your herbal tea, and never add milk and lemon together to your tea. The acidity will curdle the milk! No matter what type of tea you prefer, adding milk is a great way to make your cup of tea extra special. Enjoy!

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