Honey Lavender London Fog

     Raise your hand if you know where the London Fog latte originated. No? Nobody? I did some digging around on the internet for as much information on this latte as I could possibly find, discovering a bunch of myths, tall tales, and fables to sort through. 

     One might think that the London Fog was created in London during the heavy smog period in 1952.  Extreme lethal smog fell upon the city because of industrial pollution mixed with the unfortunate weather pressure conditions and caused thousands of deaths all within five days.  We imagine Londoners cooped up at home, fireplaces ablaze, and teapots being filled with hot water through and through.  Maybe these Londoners were bored of their same clear teas and they wished for something a bit more satisfying to take their minds off their misery.  Sounds like a magical beginning to a delicious tea latte, but couldn't be further than the truth. 

     The most recent claim to the origin of the London Fog is in British Columbia.   It's been said that in 1944 a common patron of a coffee/tea house had a sudden aversion to plain black tea due to pregnancy. Oh the horror! But, she asked the owner if he could add milk and vanilla syrup to her black tea, and was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it was!  It soon took off Vancouver, British Columbia was soon recognized as the inventors of the tea latte.  Again, many different areas of the world have claimed ownership and rights to the original London Fog, so we may never know the first real story.  Mysterious.

     I know how much I enjoy a London Fog Latte, and I decided to make the Traveling Teapot it's own recipe for you all to share in.  You will find in the online shop that our Lavender Earl Grey is more than a perfect black tea to pair with steamed frothy milk and a drizzle of honey.  Even better, the recipe is super simple and quick; measurements are really up to your taste! The weather is also going to start warming up soon and this is divine on ice as well. Give this one a try!

Honey Lavender London Fog

*This latte is more up to your taste preference so feel free to change up the measurements!

Brew 2 tsp. Lavender Earl Grey black tea tea in 6 oz of near boiling water

Remove infuser

Warm/steam 4 oz. milk

While milk heats, drizzle 2 tsp honey into tea

Froth milk if you wish, but it's delightful with just steamed milk as well

Sip, milk mustache and all, and enjoy!





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